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Maverick Fitzpatrick

Maverick (Kenzie) Fitzpatrick grew up hunting and shooting with both of her grandfathers and dad in Alabama and Louisiana. She was raised to hunt duck and deer with her family.

Once she left for college, it was years before she was around firearms again. In 2014, Maverick got involved with the Rifle Association at Florida State University (now known as Florida State University Action Shooting Club). She earned a spot on the pistol team and immediately got into competitive shooting.

The GSSF match at Talon Range in August of 2014 was her first competition. Since then, she has shot USPSA, Steel Challenges, 3-Gun, 2-Gun, Cowboy Action matches, and of course for fun!

In Memory of The Gunny (R. Lee Ermy)

(March 24, 1944 – April 15, 2018)

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I write about competing, my favorite tools and ammunition, and my sponsors.

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