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Hunters HD Gold USPSA Back to back nationals

Why Hunters HD Gold is Superior Shooting Eyewear

I wish I had picked up a pair of Hunters HD Gold a lot sooner than I did. We’ve all heard one of our shooting buddies tell us that if we just buy a certain product, it’ll change our world. And how often do we listen to them? Rarely. I never thought much of shooting…
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Breakthrough Clean

How Often Should You Clean Your Guns

Clean your guns often and well and they’ll pay you back tenfold. For some of my readers that know me well, know I love a clean truck and clean guns. You also know I have a love/hate relationship with doing these chores, but there’s no better feeling than knowing your guns are cleaned, oiled, and…
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How to Build a Morale Patch Wall

Just like there’s no such thing as too many guns, there’s no such thing as too many patches. For me, a morale patch wall is a necessity. With just three items, I made a fun patch wall I can hang up anywhere!  Depending on how many patches you have, the size of the wall is…
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Factory Pistol Ammunition

Comparing Factory Pistol Ammunition

If you don’t have time to reload your own ammo, the best thing for you to do is find factory pistol ammunition you and your gun likes and buy it in bulk. Thanks to Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply, they supplied me with two new factory rounds to try out for competition shooting. I tested…
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Lessons Learned Before Going to a Major 3Gun Match!

Photograph by Betsy Holt with

The Best Home Defense: Situational Awareness

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Squad Photo

Shooting Competition Etiquette

There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into putting on a shooting competition. If you’ve never volunteered to help out at a match then it’s hard to understand what goes on behind the scenes. In this blog, I’ll go over some common misconceptions and proper etiquette at shooting competitions. 1. Have Your Guns…
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Walther Q5 match pistol

Walther Q5 Match Pistol Review

The Walther Q5 match pistol is a game changer in the market of competition pistols. It comes competition ready right out of the box. This innovative design is very versatile and is great for USPSA, steel challenges, 3-gun, 2-gun, and any other shooting competition. Here are the reasons why I recommend the Walther Q5 match…
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Running and Gunning with Malfunctions

If you shoot often, chances are you’ve run into some malfunctions. Learning to identify what they are and what you do to clear them is important. Some malfunctions are easy to clear and continue, while some can cause some serious damage if you continue. Keep in mind the tap, rack, and roll technique. When certain…
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Meet Kenzie Fitzpatrick

I was lucky enough to be raised in a great family that supports our Second Amendment rights. From a very early age, I learned to respect firearms and appreciate them for what they are – a tool. While growing up, I only hunted with shotguns and occasionally a rifle. It wasn’t until later in life…
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